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Years in Business : Too many to count. It seems like forever, certainly more than 20 years.

Specialisations : The worlds of music and property; and just about anything with “Tax” in its title.

Star Sign : Aquarius.

Favourite Film : Anything that I can stay awake for throughout its entirety. If you push me…. “The Producers”.

Favourite Music Album : “Closing Time”….Tom Waits; and the entire Bruce Springsteen catalogue; and, of course, everything recorded by clients of H & T.

Pastimes : Trying to spend time with my family; trying to keep myself fit (ish); various charitable endeavours, including treks in deserts and up and over mountains.

Football Team : Bromley Town, Manchester United and England.

Best Moment in Professional Life : Being invited to become a Partner at Harris & Trotter and being given a key to the executive loo.

What Would I Have Been if not a Chartered Accountant : Rich (and possibly famous).

Favourite Web Site Link : www.iii.co.uk I love all those red arrows.


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| world ventures | investment | superset tennis | news | wembley arena | e mail |



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